The Golf Coach

Here’s a vital piece of advice for golf beginners: hire a coach! Only a pro, that’s what a golf coach is called, can recognise a wrong movement, and only he can correct it accordingly. Even seasoned professionals consult their coaches, as only they can determine smallest deviations in the game.

Practice makes a golfer

The golf swing is unforgiving. Anyone who starts penny-pinching when it comes to hiring a coach will pay heavily in the end. This won’t change even if he compensates by hitting thousands of balls on the driving range. The brain and muscles store the wrong movement patterns, which later on can only be corrected with immense effort. It is far better to consult a trainer once a week for half an hour and then to reinforce the exercise. Even though professional golf coaches are not cheap (about 50 euros for 45 minutes), the investment is worth every penny.

How to improve the game

Whenever time and weather allow for it, try to improve your game. Some golfers empty a bucket of balls on the range and then happily call it a day. It is, however, crucial to try different exercises. This includes particularly the so-called short game; approach shots from distances of between 10 and 100 yards.

The same goes for chips and putts. Approaches from the apron (between rough and green) or short distances can never be practised enough – even if it sometimes seems tedious. And then there’s the putt. Tragedies have been witnessed on the greens of this planet when the nerves lie bare and putts from two yards distance wobble past the hole. It is said that 95 percent of what plays out in one’s mind is just psychology, while putting.

It is imperative to vary the position of the ball from the flag. Frequently change the position and distance of the balls. This is the only way to simulate different situations on the pitch.