The range of available equipment for golf is vast and may be confusing for many beginners. The same is true when it comes to golf sportswear. But don’t worry, as with all things new, one only needs to make a manageable amount of new purchases.

The necessary footwear

For practising on the driving range, the golf novice only needs trainers or sturdy shoes with soles for grip. However, once you go to the golf course, golf shoes will be essential to allow for a firm grip. Required equipment is primarily golf shoes since without specially designed shoes, you will be denied access to the green. Subsequently and for this purpose, the purchase of golf socks is recommended. Your feet will be under enormous stress when playing golf. Professional footwear is designed precisely for golf. It gives you the necessary support and prevents blisters and other unpleasant side effects. Comfort is paramount for your choice of footwear. After all, during a round of golf over 18 holes, you likely have to cover up to six miles of ground.

The right gloves

To prevent blisters from forming on the palm and keeping the club safely gripped at all times, golfers rely on the golf glove. Golf gloves fulfill the same purpose as their namesake; they bind sweat and allow for a good grip. Make sure that you get the correct one for right-handed grip or a glove for the left-handed player respectively. Golf gloves are specifically designed for the left or right hand, for ladies and gentlemen, and come in different sizes and materials. Leather gloves are said to provide the best grip. All-weather gloves are better for wet weather conditions and airy summer gloves in high heat.

The golf bag

Lightweight bags are best for getting started. They can either be carried, pulled like carry-on bags or strapped onto a cart (called golf cart or caddy).