Other useful terms on the golf course

This is a list of terms a golf novice will come across frequently. As mentioned earlier, the lexicon is not meant to be complete and exhaustive, but only to serve as an introduction to the sport.

  • albatross – three shots under par: when a hole marked par 5 is achieved in only two shots.
  • air shot – the player missed the ball; however, this counts as a regular shot
  • birdie – one under par
  • bogey – When a hole is made over par, it is called a bogey. Two or more over the par are called double or triple bogey respectively
  • divot – a piece of grass that was chipped away during a swing. As a matter of courtesy, this piece is to be restored again carefully
  • dogleg – a fairway that doesn’t run straight but tilts to the left or right
  • eagle – two under par
  • explosion or bunker shot – A shot from the bunker during which a lot of sand gets thrown up in the air. The name speaks for itself, so one should be mindful of sand getting into the eyes
  • flight – a group of players with a minimum of two and a maximum of four people
  • handicap – is the key value that determines the approximate strength of a golfer and at the same time, balances the different levels of golfers in a game (i.e. against each other).
  • hole in one – if a player manages to hit the hole in one shot from the tee
  • pitch mark – a depression created by the ball after a pitch on the green. According to etiquette, this should be repaired with a pitchfork.
  • rabbit – this is what golf beginners are called, as they typically scatter their shots a lot. It likens a novice to rabbits who also run in a zigzag pattern when they are trying to escape
  • troubleshot – a shot from a rather difficult position