The four biggest and most important, annual tournaments are the majors.

  • U.S. Masters – the first major of the year takes place in Augusta, Georgia, in April
  • U.S. Open – has been hosted by the USGA since 1895 – in June
  • The Open Championship – the oldest major (since 1860) by the R&A, is the only one outside U.S. territory. It is played in the UK – in July
  • PGA Championship – organized by the PGA of America in August

Team competitions

  • every other year, the US and European teams compete in the Ryder Cup. Teams consist of twelve players each
  • the Presidents Cup takes place when the Ryder Cup is on hiatus. The US team plays the rest of the world, except Europe
  • at the same time, Europeans compete for the Seve Trophy, a tournament pitting continental Europe against Great Britain & Ireland
  • The Solheim Cup is the most important team competition for women, the female counterpart to the Ryder Cup

There are dozens of opportunities to place bets for every event. These range from betting on countries (who will be the best Irishman in the field, etc.) to round winners. There are a number of web portals, for example Betfair Casino Review, catering to all betting enthusiasts who want to try their luck.

US Open

Bets can be placed from winning individual rounds to the tour champion

US Masters

One of the most important tournaments on the golf calendar. It’s about the crown of golf sports and a sure bet to beat the odds


It is the only major that always takes place in the same place. The winner receives the famous green jacket

PGA Championship

Over the years, some of the most famous names have won the PGA Championship: Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy and Jack Nicklaus even more than once, which makes for favourable odds

British Open

It is the oldest tournament among the four majors, and arguably the most prestigious to place your bets on