What kind of equipment do I need?

As a golf novice, you will inevitably ask yourself: “What do I need to play golf?” The answer is fairly simple: everything you need to embark on your first golf adventure, you most likely have in your wardrobe. For your first attempt on the green you only need a pair of running shoes, and a comfortable shirt and trousers. Everything else can easily be borrowed at the beginning. If you are ready to purchase a complete set of golfing equipment, you will need to invest a few hundred euros initially. However, it doesn’t have to be brand-new equipment. Take a look at bulletin boards first – you might find used sets from other players for sale. If you are not sure which driver or putter to buy, your golf instructor or shop assistant will be happy to give you valuable advice.

When the time comes and you are certain that golf is the right sport for you, then you can customize your golf clubs according to your size and stature. Ask your golf instructor or pro shop for a so-called club fitting, at which point you will be precisely measured. The sports manufacturer will then produce custom-made golf clubs on the basis of these measurements. Of course, this is a tad more expensive, but you can be sure that the clubs you purchase suit you perfectly.

Disadvantage being: From now on you won’t be able to blame the equipment for a missed putt.

Golf course etiquette for appropriate attire

First rule on the golf course: Jeans are strictly forbidden on the green! You need appropriate clothing with sufficient freedom of movement. Generally, you cannot go wrong with a polo shirt. Whether sporty or trendy, colourful or conservative, the range of golf clothing offers plenty of choice for every taste and budget.