Golf conquers the world

The history of golf goes back all the way to the 15th century. In 1457, golf was first mentioned in an official decree of the Scottish Parliament. Unfortunately, this was to ban the game, to be replaced by archery, militarily more meaningful. Nevertheless, golf subsequently spread from Scotland to Ireland and Britain and later across the world. Today, it is one of the most popular, organised sports in the world. Roughly 70 million people in the world play golf, most of them in the United States and about ten percent in Europe.

The rise of the golfers

The traditional ball sport has found an increasing number of followers in the recent years and appeals to broader sections of the population. Instead of elite private clubs, more and more budget-oriented, public golf courses are being made available. Necessary sports equipment can be rented there or bought at the sports retailer.

Bets on the winner

In addition to the personal gaming pleasure, professional golfing is famed for organising competitions around the world and, naturally, the there you can find golf betting. Bookmakers have long discovered golf as a worthwhile opportunity for sports betting. The American PGA Tour (Professional Golfers Association) and the European Tour competitions engage the masses.

Bookies offer a wide range of ante-post, long-term, live or special bets to the various tournaments and individual players. Betting can be indulged in on-site or online. A number of web pages, such as Online Casinos in NJ, offer the opportunity to bet on sports events. The most popular golf betting market is the overall winner betting. One will bet on the player you expect to win the tournament. All major tournaments are available to bet on, as well as special betting markets. It is possible to bet year-round on the events of the PGA Tour, and on the odds of certain players such as Dustin Johnson or Jordan Spieth or European PGA Specials.