A growing number of people, all over Great Britain, are discovering and betting on golf tournaments and professional golfers. Bets are brokered through bookies or online sites, e.g., via New Jersey Online Casinos, a portal for the betting man or woman.

Betting on the winner

A major tournament usually lasts for 3 to 4 days; that’s why some bookmakers also offer live betting.

Betting on the 1st-round winner

Here, one places a bet on the player who can win the first round of the tournament. A bet on a player who isn’t among the top favourites often offers lucrative odds.

Head-to-Head Bets

You choose a pair of players. You have to assess correctly which of the two would be ahead at the end of the tournament, without necessarily winning it.

6-Shooter Bet

With this type of bet, the bookies create a virtual group of 6 professionals golfers who are at a comparable level. The goal is to predict the group winner correctly.

3-Ball Bet

Major tournaments are often started in groups of three. The bet is placed on the winner.

Top 5 or top 10 placement

The Bookie sets the odds for this type of bet in advance. If you bet on top favourites, the odds are typically quite low.

Double Bets – any order

You have to bet correctly, which golfers will come in at 1st place and 2nd place and so on. The order is irrelevant.

Double Bets – exact order

Double bet predicts exact placements.

Double Chance

Betting on two possible winners in a tournament. If none of the two golfers wins, the bet is lost.

European or American team

You bet on the team that wins and also has the best European or American golfer.


Bet on a player who achieves a hole-in-one.

Betting on a Play-off

If the two first-placed players are tied after 17 holes, it is possible to bet on whether a tournament will be decided by a play-off.

Where to bet on golf?

Betting on a British betting portal promises good odds.